Our Vision and Mission

Our vision for The Inner Sanctuary is to provide an environment of Love, compassion and hope to help the community to reestablish or enhance their health and well being. With the use of “hands on healing”, prayer and meditation, we will teach about inner self improvement, information about food and nutrition to help the body function properly and other services to improve the communities quality of life.  

Javier Garay

The Inner Sanctuary will constantly outreach to find the resources to allow all healing services to remaining on "a donation basis" to all people regardless of religion, race, sex or health status. We are a group of Healers with different Healing modalities and backgrounds united with one goal in mind and heart which is to share our gifts with the community. Our mission is to help restore the well being of people in Physical, Mental or emotional distress in a environment of Love, Prayers and Meditation regardless of race, religion, age or health status. We also offer ways to improve the community’s quality of life by providing information and resources to achieve better Nutrition, Education, and Personal happiness (classes and workshops).  It’s been proven by many national and international well known Healers that Energy (or holistic) Healing improves and restores people’s health (80 to 90% success on most cases).

Spirituality may become even more important during times of crisis, like a serious illness. A serious illness like cancer may challenge your beliefs and cause a great deal of distress. You may suffer a loss of faith and a feeling of hopelessness after being diagnosed. Getting in touch with your spirituality may help you better cope with the psychological and emotional affects of cancer. In fact, recent studies by researchers found a striking correlation between good spiritual health and good physical health.
 Spiritual well-being may improve your quality of life in the following ways:

  • Reduce anxiety, stress, depression and discomfort

  • Promote a more positive outlook
  • Stimulate self awareness and personal growth
  • Promote feelings of hope and empowerment
  • Reduce sense of isolation, loneliness

  • Improve sense of belonging, connectedness to others
  • Help find meaning in life and strengthen the will to live
  • Overcome fear of death

  • Promote a sense of inner peace
  • Improve ability to cope with cancer treatments or other Illnesses